Gem Electro Mechanicals is the only company in the world which not only makes finished Lead-in wires but also the raw materials required for making Lead-in wires of different kind of lamps. Exhaustive metallurgical knowledge and experience in making raw materials helps our engineers work on different material combinations in finished Lead-in wires.

GEM is continuously working on various projects with its customers to make the most optimum and cost effective finished Lead in wires. Different types of Lead-in wire machine groups are available to meet customer's specific requirement for:

  • Different material combinations
  • Electric or Gas welding - The lead-in-wires are made by Percussion Electric or Gas Welding techniques, depending upon the volume and the materials.
  • Weld knot sizes
  • Different lengths

More than 400 Lead-in wire machines of different origin & technologies are available from India, Japan, USA, Germany, UK, France, Korea, Taiwan, Poland and Hungary.

Our strengths:

  • The company has Capability to produce own LIW machines for 3 part and 2 part Lead-in wire manufacturing. This is an added advantage in understanding of entire technology and in maintenance of machines.
  • The In-house machine-shop supports for maintenance as well as fabrication of new Lead-in wire machines and spare parts for the existing machine groups.
  • Operators have long experience of setting and running different types of Lead-In Wire machines.
  • Separate departments for Preventive maintenance
  • Strong training culture: Continuous Training at all levels ranging from technical to quality control to SPC.
Lead in wire manufacturing machine
Lead in wire manufacturing machine
Lead in wire manufacturing machine
Lead in wire manufacturing machine
Lead in wire manufacturing machine